Morrison Holdings is an established holdings company that maintains a diverse portfolio in order to bring value to our clients, investors and communities. We believe our approach – Bear Marketing, Creative Community Development, Operations Analysis, and Philanthropic Impact – delivers the greatest impact opportunities to capitalize earning strategies and create community.


Morrison Holdings’ story began in the early 2000’s. In 2003 our Founder & CEO, Andrew Coonan, volunteered with Food Bank of the Rockies and immediately understood there was need in his hometown of Golden, Colorado. Mr. Coonan’s ethos was further shaped by the philosophy of community wealth from Billy Shore, CEO of Share Our Strength. Ultimately, Andrew believed in this vehicle to create real community wealth through privately held ventures combined with community initiatives. Mr. Coonan dubbed the phrase Creative Community Development to guide his business and philanthropic activities. He served the nonprofit industry of Colorado for more than 15 years, while earning a M.S. in Decision Sciences from University of Colorado-Denver in 2014. As a dynamic part of Morrison Holdings portfolio, Andrew has also partnered and supported special events and festivals in the Colorado music industry since 2007. Morrison Holdings began offering operations management consulting to small businesses in 2016 recognizing a need for small business owners to understand the impact of their decision strategies. Today, Morrison Holdings’ vision is stronger than ever creating impact in private ventures and events, supporting small business needs, and giving back to our communities.


Andrew Coonan is a native of Golden, Colorado. In Morrison Holdings, he is proud to own a Colorado company and loves that his branding includes a .CO web address. He will tell you it stands for .Colorado!

Andrew is proud alum of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and the University of Colorado, Denver with a Master of Science in Decision Sciences-Business Analytics. He has a proven track record for success in operations management, supply chain logistics, nonprofit and business development, and event management.

Andrew is especially proud of his experience serving nonprofits: 1) supporting Food Bank of the Rockies’ distribution growth from 12.5 million pounds to 58 million pounds of food and essentials a year; 2) serving Hunger Free Colorado’s executive leadership group Full Pantries, Full Lives that helped create the Colorado Food Pantry Network; and 3) having served as President of the Applewood Business Association in Colorado, a community his father practiced as a physician for more than 30+ years.

Individually, Andrew is passionate about healthy living and play. His favorite activities include swimming, mountaineering, and skiing. Free the heel. Above all, Andrew emphasizes compassion. It’s a human thing.

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